Wills, Trusts & Sucessors

Our firm has a wide expertise in handling issues relating to Wills & Probates in Cyprus.

What we offer

Drafting Wills and appointing the Executor

However, if there is no will drafted, the power to appoint an executor will be left to the legal heirs, who will need to consent to the appointment of a suitable estate administrator who will, like the executor, apply to the District Court for a grant of probate.

Preparing all documentation

For the application of the Grant of Probate to the Registrar of the District Court.

Advising and assisting Administrators

Of the estate/Executors on how to contact the Land Registry and Banks to specify the value of the estate and assets of the deceased.

Preparation of the Inventory of Assets and Debts.
Obtaining relevant tax clearance

Certificates from the Inland Revenue and local municipality/community council and sewerage board (if applicable) to ensure that there is no outstanding amount towards them.

Distribution of the assets to the legal heirs.
Preparation of the Final Accounts

With accompanying documents including, details and evidence as to the distribution of the estate and a waiver declaration signed by the beneficiaries stating that they have received the inheritance to which they are entitled.

Preparing (if necessary) the application

For the Resealing (legalization) of wills which were made in a foreign country.

Our team will guide you and provide advice on how to deal with the whole process of Probate in a secure and time effective way.
It is essential to determine the domicile of the deceased. The term ‘domicile’ refers to the permanent residence of a person either by origin or by choice. The Cypriot law interprets domicile as the evidently intention of a person to spend the rest of his/her life in Cyprus.

The European Parliament has introduced the Succession Regulation 650/2012, also referred to as ‘Brussels IV’, which was implemented in Cyprus on 17/08/2015, whereas a person has the option to select the jurisdiction of his/her origin country to be applied in relation to inheritance and Will matters. This must be explicitly mentioned in the Will, otherwise the law of the country where the deceased person is based on will have jurisdiction over the distribution of his/her estate. Although the UK, Ireland and Denmark opted out, it is still relevant to any residents of these member states who own assets in any other EU member state, including Cyprus.

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