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We act for a variety of clients including developers, private investors, entrepreneurs, landlords and tenants and we advise and assist our clients with the initial acquisition, leasing, property management, developing, joint ventures and with transactions in residential or commercial real estate and real estate litigation.

As an independent law firm, we make sure that our clients’ legal rights and interests are protected.​

Our well experienced and highly qualified team provide specialised advise on real estate and can support any scale of real estate-related transactions both in Cyprus and internationally.​

Legal Steps

Reservation agreement

Withdrawing the property from the market for a certain period of time.

Due diligence on the property

Checking the legal status of the property and the parties involved.

Signing of a Contract of Sale

Setting down the terms under which the agreement will be implemented.

Stamping of the agreement at the Tax Department

Presenting the Contract of Sale at the Tax Authority for stamp duty.

Lodging the Contract of Sale at the Land Registry

Creating a legal charge on the property to secure the Purchaser’s rights (Specific Performance) until the title deed is transferred into the Purchaser’s name.

Follow up with construction stages in case of an off-plan property

Checking the progress of work and requesting a certificate of completion from the civil engineer of the project to ensure the completion of each construction stage.

Delivery of the property

Ensuring the property is completed according to the relevant permits, plans and specifications and all bills and taxes are fully paid before obtaining delivery.

Issuance of tax clearance

Applying for the issuance of all the relevant tax clearances so the Seller can proceed with the transfer of the title deed.

Acquisition of immovable property permit (for non-EU citizens)

Applying for and obtain a permission for acquisition of immovable property in Cyprus by the Council of Ministers.

Transfer of the title deed

Transferring the title deed of the property into the Purchaser’s name free of any mortgages and/or charges and/or encumbrances.

Permanent Residence Permit in Cyprus by Investment [P.R. Reg. 6.(2)]

Third country Nationals who wish to invest in the Republic of Cyprus, can apply for and obtain a Permanent Residence Permit under the Cypriot laws and regulations for themselves and their family (spouse and children).

Why Cyprus

The vast Natural gas fields discovered in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Republic of Cyprus and its immediate neighbourhood over the last decade, attracted intense international interest from energy giants and has put Cyprus on the investment map.

The attractive tax framework of the Republic of Cyprus is fully compatible with the EU regulations, with one of the lowest corporate taxes in the EU and more than 60 treaties to avoid double taxation from third countries.

Cyprus has been a member state of the EU since 2004 and a member of the Eurozone since 2008. As a member state of the European Union, Cyprus inspires security, stability and offers investors easy access to the European market.

The Mediterranean climate, and its’ strategic location as a crossroads of three continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa) which also makes this island an attractive business hub, are some of the reasons why Cyprus is considers to be an ideal destination for investment across a wide range of sectors and an excellent place for permanent residence for non-EU nationals.

The combination of its’ unique mosaic and traditional features, history, and culture along with its’ modern and cosmopolitan style, has also helped to turn the island into a popular tourist centre.

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